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Florian Raber

Entrepreneur @ upcoming Startup, Information Technology and Services

Hi there! I'm Florian Raber, a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur & traveler - enjoying good life, Central Europe & photography!

Florian Raber's Bio:

I'm currently incubating a tourism/GIS startup, which should come up by EOY 2016 - keep posted on ! ;-)

In my private life, I'm a traveler, touring across Europe more than 100 days per year.  I'm particularly fond of Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia and the Balkans) and speak 6 languages, 4 of which fluently.

I'm also kind of a history geek and a gastronomy afficionado: I enjoy cooking, baking & brewing for my pals.

I volunteer in the French Civil Security service: missions range from emergency response during natural disasters, to delivering food & blankets to drivers stuck on the highway during heavy snowfall - or simply translating an urgent request from an injured tourist who doesn't speak English or French.


Florian Raber


Florian Raber's Experience:

  • Geographic Analyst II at HERE

    Promoted in 2015, I'm deepening my involvement in the maintenance & expansion of the HERE navigation map, while sharpening skills in the field of Innovation (development & sharing of Best Practices, Innovation Ideas) and Community-building around the HERE Map Creator tool which allows end-users to contribute to our mapping effort.

  • Geographic Analyst I at HERE, a Nokia company

    I'm a GIS Analyst in charge of maintaining our HERE Map up-to-date with everyday changes in the road network, and expand it with new attributes. HERE is the leading location cloud, providing the map for 90% in-dash GPS devices, major websites (Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, ...) and smartphone apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). Since the world changes on a daily basis, we strive to keep our leading Real-World Index up-to-date. Within this strategy, I'm involved with: • Sourcing: building strong bonds with national & municipal administrations to keep up with roadworks • Community-building: raising, training and managing communities of passionate amateur cartographers who wish to contribute to the best-in-class navigation map. • Geospatial analysis & GIS coding in the HERE mapping database • Quality: Quality-in-the-Line, QC & QQ, Agile & Lean management • Training: We're most trained team of cartographers in the world, and that involves daily on-the-job Learning as well as formal skill assessment every year.

  • Research Engineer at GEOBIO Lab

    • Field-monitoring & ecological assessment of the Krkonoše National Park (Czech Republic) in order to evaluate the ecosystemal invasion of the Norway Spruce (Picea albies) • Processed aerial imagery data through supervised & non-supervised classification (Exelis ENVI 5.0 + IDL) after preprocessing (PCI Geomatica 2012, GoldenSoftware Surfer 9). • Established management scenarios which the Managing Authority of the National Park used to adjust its ecological management style.

  • Supervisor of Scientific Redaction at EUCOR - Network of the Upper Rhine Universities

    • Directed the redaction process of the Conference Proceedings of the 5th Environmental Sciences Summer School of the EUCOR research network • Overviewed the work of the different contributors and aggregated their productions • Wrote several chapters of the aforementioned Proceedings

  • Associate Researcher at Laboratoire GEODE UMR 5602 CNRS

    1st-year Master research thesis: “Quantifying the evolution of the Réart river delta (Pyrénées-Orientales, Southwestern France) since the end of the XVIIth century – Respective roles of the anthropic impacts & climatic evolution”

  • Seminar organizer & Lecturer at Groupement SONATE - Université de Strasbourg

    • Organized the annual seminar of the SONATE research group (Societies, Nature, Environments) of the University of Strasbourg (France) on the subject of "Resiliences - Resistances - Adaptations". • Held a conference entitled "Agricultural resilience of the Post-Little Ice Age societies in the Vosges mountain range : between the medieval demographic crisis & the anthropoclimatic crisis of the Little Ice Age"

  • Assistant Project Manager (intern) at Center for Territorial Development, Litija, Slovenia

    • Created and filled a database of all the rural and natural sites worthy of the newly-created label "Heart of Slovenia - Srce Slovenije" promoting sustainable rural tourism

  • Waiter at French Restaurant 'Le Cruchon'

    Welcoming & attending guests, collecting orders. Advising & serving the wine.

  • Trainee MEP Assistant at Permanent Representation of the UK to the Council of Europe

    • Animated the Environmental Workshop at the Council of Europe Open Doors Day • Managed funds and created the event webpage: • Produced a series of trilingual booklets (FR, EN, DE) presenting the event and the European Institution

  • Assistant Translator at Council of Europe

    Undertook translation work of booklets and web content for the Council of Europe, in French, English and German languages.

Florian Raber's Education:

  • Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science

    Masters of Science (Erasmus)
    Concentration: Physical Geography & Geo-ecology
    Activities: Erasmus language exchange club
  • University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Geography & Urban Planning

    Masters of Science
    Concentration: Environmental Geography & GIS
  • EUCOR - Network of the Upper Rhine Universities

    5th Summer School in Environmental Sciences
    Concentration: Risk management related to extreme natural events, the case of floods
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Summer School in Management of Environmental Resources
    Concentration: Management of Environmental Resources
  • Earth Sciences School & Observatory (EOST), Strasbourg, France

    Bachelor of Science
    Concentration: Earth & Environmental Science
  • EUCOR - Network of the Upper Rhine Universities

    4th Summer School in Environmental Sciences
    Concentration: Sustainable Land Management

Florian Raber's Interests & Activities:

technology, web, startup, entrepreneurship, gis, geography, environment, nature, travel, central europe, slovenia, balkans, food, gastronomy

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